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I'll have to keep an eye on this one... I really want to see more romance games where the couple is together for most of the game. I feel like too many focus on the excitement of the "chase" and hinges conflict on whether the couple gets together, assuming things will be perfect afterwards.

Still need to try the demo, but I like the premise of the story and characters from the description. I hope the development of the project goes well.


Oh thank you for your comment! Yes, that's something I wish there was more of in romantic games, too, so I decided to write the sort of story I'd like to see more of, haha.

I'm sadly pretty busy with day job stuff so I can't progress on this project as quickly as I'd like, but the full game should be out a bit later this year! :D


Oh my god this demo was amazing! The writing was fabulous and Rai is so cute! Too bad we didn't see Vergil though. Will be looking forward to the release! Keep up the amazing work!

Oh thank you! Yeah, Vergil only showed up a teeeeny bit in the demo but he does play a bigger role later in the story.


I just want to say I loved playing this demo and I can't wait to play the full game!! The characters and story are so intriguing and I completely love Rai!


Aww we're so glad you enjoyed it!! The full game should be out in another 2 months, so you won't be kept waiting long! Thanks for playing. 😊